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Ventures with specialization

CareerTeam is the Executive Search Consultancy for the digital age

Positions in the fields Digital Transformation, E-Commerce, Online Marketing, Sales, Product- and Project Management.

IT - Experts for Software and Development

Recruitment teams that provide your company with agile and team-oriented software developers and help you build exactly the development team your company needs to be successful.

Executive Search Consultancy for IT and future technologies

Focussing on the most pressing IT topics of our global society - AI, Big Data, BI, Cloud, Cyber- & IT-Security, IoT, SAP and many more.

Smart & data driven Executive Search for Industry 4.0

BENOMIK enables top managers and HR executives to have the best approach to recruit highly skilled Industry 4.0 experts and engineers for areas such as Automation, Virtualization/ Digital Factory, Sensors & Mobile Devices, M2M, LC & TPM.

Building and developing agile & cross-functional teams

Foxio Consulting is your partner for selection of personnel and building teams. We support you holisticly - from devising a recruitment strategy, developing a hiring roadmap to actually finding, interviewing and hiring the best experts, adding real value to your team.

Executive and Expert Search for Finance and Real Estate

Numeris helps you fill positions such as Project, Construction, Facility and Property Management as well as positions in the FinTech and Financial Sector.

Sinceritas is your trusted partner for executive and expert search in life science

Sinceritas fields of specialization include pharmaceuticals / OTC, biotechnology, medical devices and provider (hospitals/ office based physicians).

The Recruiting-on-Demand Service of CTG Consulting GmbH

Scalabletalent supports you quickly, flexibly and precisely in phases of great hiring demand or in strategic realignments of your recruiting, so that you can survive in the competition for the best talents, specialists and executives.